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Monday, December 22, 2014

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Maribel & Charles Richer, Founders


Please contact us with questions, for a free quote, or to fill/refill a prescription. is a Canadian mail order prescription service that was established so that American citizens could save money on the prescription drugs they need.  Through a partnership with fully licensed and accredited Canadian physicians and pharmacies in Canada, the provides Americans with safe and convenient access to prescription drugs at largely discounted prices. While is not a pharmacy, it does serve as a gateway between Americans looking for affordable medications and licensed Canadian pharmacies that are able to provide them with safe affordable medication. delivers what US Medicare has failed to do for years. We pride ourselves in providing substantial pricing relief on prescription drugs to all Americans, regardless of their income. 

Canadian Meds

Free Shipping on All International Orders 
Greater Than $150.

No Visit Necessary To Place An Order!   

We'll Be Happy To Give You A FREE Quote Just Call, Fax or Email

1102 N. Main Street 
Wildwood FL, 34785
1-352-399-7002 Office
1-877-235-8772 Toll Free
1-888-545-5899 Fax
(Must use 1+)

Please request from your Doctor the following:

1. Prescriptions for a three month supply with 3 refills.

2. Each Prescription should be WRITTEN ON A SEPERATE script. If you have multiple prescriptions you should have one script per medication prescribed.

3. Verify that each script contains the Doctor's phone number and address.

4. Completely fill out the three page medical history profile and email, fax or mail it back to us.


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Our International Pharmacies Supply Brand and Generic Medications.

International Medicines delivered to your residence will cost $10.00 for shipping if the order is under $150. If greater than $150. there is no charge for delivery.

Note: Multiple medicines can be shipped at one time for the same $10. charge.

All orders will take 2-5 weeks for delivery.

Medicines shipped from our US pharmacies will take 7-10 business days for delivery and will cost $5.50 to ship. 
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